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Host Olivia Ladd sits down with Nashville musicians, artists, scenesters and friends to talk about the history behind our favorite cult bands.


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Lucinda Williams with Heaven Honey

Lucinda Williams with Heaven Honey

March 6th, 2020

2 Kool 2 Be 4-Gotten: Jordan Victoria (Heaven Honey) chats with host Olivia Ladd about the literary songwriting legacy of Americana trailblazer Lucinda Williams. All Episodes →

Olivia Slaton Ladd

Olivia Ladd is a freelance music journalist working as a writer, photographer and producer in Nashville, Tennessee.

Olivia currently hosts the Bandsplainer podcast, writes for Wide Open Country, Luck Journal and Nashville Scene's music section and has contributed to a wide range of other publications.

She's published zines, booked DIY shows and always keeps tabs on music new and old-- everything from proto-punk to Americana and beyond.